Pascal & Patricia Walschots

"Jeff and Monica are a fantastic team and the crew they brought in to do our backyard was wonderful. The process started with getting Jeff our vision for our relatively shallow yard. Making it more usable year-round, maximizing the space and making it care and maintenance free as much as possible.
We were presented with different plans, talked through each of the options and ended on a design that met both our budget and the ideas we envisioned.
Crews showed up on time, cleaned/cleared anything every day. We have a new concrete back patio, new planting on top of our rockery, steps and a 'trail' to a top deck with amazing metal screens that create a focal point. Added a gas fireplace that seamlessly integrates with the rockery and really is the highlight of our yard! Project delivered on budget, on time and exceeding our expectations!
Highly recommend Jeff and Monica and their team for any project, small or large!"