Frank Lloyd Wright House In Issaquah, WA

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My fascination with the work of Frank Lloyd Wright began early in my career as a builder and landscaper. My passion for his designs were strong enough that I planned a trip to Pennsylvania to see his masterpiece,’ Falling Water’. The home exceeded my expectations in every way. In New York City, I toured the Guggenheim Museum, which is also a Wright design.

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Creating a Landscape Without Grass

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Incorporating beauty into your landscaping without a lawn can be tricky but rewarding. Here’s how…

One increasingly common request I receive involves a layout without a lawn.

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How To Use Lighting Effectively In Landscape

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Now that the days are getting shorter, the value of an outdoor lighting system increases significantly. However, installing lights in your landscape should not create the look of an airport landing strip.

A well-designed low-voltage lighting system can add both safety and dramatic beauty to the home and outdoor spaces. While you might not think a low-voltage system can provide adequate lighting, remember that your car’s headlights are run off a battery. To create a magical and enchanting landscape at night, adhere to these principles:

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How To Create A Backyard That Feels Like An Extension Of Your Home

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As a designer, I am seeing more clients who wonder what to do with nonfunctional outdoor spaces in planned communities such as Talus and The Highlands in Issaquah, where homeowners’ backyards may be only 10 to 20 feet deep.

In a space this small, having a lawn or a play area for the kids is not a realistic option. (Fortunately, developments like these incorporate multiple park areas throughout the development to address this need.) This is the dilemma that Stan and Stefanie Finklestein, who live in Talus, faced. Their backyard was problematic in almost every way.

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The Running Man

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For years I have observed an older man, always dressed in yellow, running along Lake Sammamish Parkway: Why does this very Zen-looking man run? How often? How far? How long has he run? I chatted with friends about him as well, and they too had seen him, but knew little. When I was given an opportunity to write for Issaquah Sammamish and beyond, I felt I had the perfect reason to see if I could get my questions about this mystery man answered. What I found out far exceeded my expectations.

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The Heat Is On

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Ever since caveman days, humans have been fascinated by fire.

While we no longer need fire for survival, the desire to enjoy its warmth and ambience remains as strong as ever.

If the element of fire is something you would like to incorporate into your outside living area, you’ll want to consider the following issues.

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How To Properly Prune

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Prune like a pro and your trees will love you for it.

As I drive through neighborhoods, I am constantly amazed at the horrific pruning I see. While some plants are meant to form a hedge and should be sheared, most plants should not be. It pains me to see beautiful Japanese maples, flowering and fruit-bearing trees, and others lose their character and beauty by being sheared.

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