Making Your Landscape An Extension Of Your Home

By: Jeff Skierka

One of the most important decisions when planning your landscape is which materials will coordinate with the look or style of your home.

Too often elements of the home are not taken into consideration when planning the exterior environment. The result is a landscape plan that does not complement, and could even distract from, the home.

When choosing a landscape medium, you should consider the home’s characteristics and select materials that fit with the home’s style and scale. For example, say you are designing a layout for a traditional home with a lot of brickwork, possibly used brick. In keeping with this home, you might make use of pavers and stone blocks that are in the same color palette to create a beautiful flow throughout. In the case of a more contemporary home with stonework incorporated in the design, typical of many homes designed in a Northwest contemporary style, your landscape should incorporate stone products that echo this element.

Matching the color of your home with the materials used in the landscape is also critical. Choosing a product that blends with the color and style of your home can provide continuity and make your home and yard seem larger. Avoid using landscape products that can make the space seem smaller.

“Ketchup and ice cream” is an example I use of two things that are great separately, but don’t work together. You don’t want this sort of combination in your landscape either.

A well-designed landscape that takes into account the architectural elements of the home can make your property very inviting to you and your guests. Talk about street appeal!
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