1. Employees are required to wear “Reflections Landscape & Construction” shirts at all
times while on jobsites or conducting business for the company. If hats are worn, they
should be “Reflections” hats. Company attire will be provided at no cost to the employee.
This attire should be kept neat and clean and not altered in any way.

2. Safety goggles and masks are to be worn at all times when power equipment is being
used by those within range of possible debris. Ear plugs or muffs should be used when
power equipment is in operation. Back brace belts should be worn when performing
heavy or repetitive lifting.

3. Work boots are to be worn at all times, by all employees on jobsites.

4. Long pants or approved shorts are to be worn at all times, secured at the waist by a belt.
At no time should pants be slung low enough for undergarments or excess skin to be
exposed. Pants and uniform should fit properly and be clean upon arrival at jobsite every

5. Hair is preferred short. Should an employee have facial hair, it will be kept neat and
trimmed. Longer hair should be kept neat and secured at all times.

6. Employees are expected to be courteous and respectful to all clients, fellow employees,
management, vendors, etc. when representing “Reflections Landscape & Construction”.

7. Consumption of alcoholic beverages is strictly prohibited before, during or after if in a
company vehicle or on jobsites. Illegal drug use at any time is strictly prohibited. Failure
to comply will result in immediate termination.

8. Smoking on jobsites, in company vehicles, or while conducting company business is
strictly prohibited and failure to comply will result in termination.

9. Cell phone use on jobsites is restricted to business calls or in case of any emergency.
This includes texting or social media.

10. Swearing on jobsites is not permitted.

11. Jobsites are to be kept free of debris at all times. For example, employee garbage, lunch,
trash, soda cans, water bottles, etc. A trash bin should be on every jobsite.

12. Company vehicles are to be free of debris at all times and kept organized. A tarp and
securing equipment should be in every vehicle. Vehicles should be cleaned whenever
one has the opportunity to do so.

13. Traffic laws are to be adhered to at all times in company vehicles. Vehicle violation or
accidents are to be reported to a supervisor immediately.

14. Employees are not permitted to bring animals to jobsites.

15. All purchases on company accounts are to be approved by Jeff Skierka.

16. All time worked is to be reported daily to Monica Skierka upon completion of the end of
the work shift.

17. Employees are to provide the company with the following documents to be copied by the
company: Social Security card, valid Washington State driver’s license (if driving
company vehicle or company rented vehicle), and if necessary, Certificate of

18. Lunch time is 30 minutes of non-paid time. Start and end times are to be texted. It is
preferred that lunches be brought and eaten at the jobsite.

19. Unnatural hair color or haircuts deemed unprofessional are not accepted.

I have read and understand the Employee Codes of Conduct and agree to comply with all items

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Reflections Landscape & Construction Inc.